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Does your organization have an effective way to collect, prioritize, improve, and select the best ideas?

No? Ever tried Idea Markets?

What are Idea Markets?

An idea market is an idea management system in which anyone in your organization can submit their ideas.
Each idea becomes a stock on the market and everyone gets some play money so they can trade in the competing ideas.
Over time, the best ideas according to the collective wisdom of your company get the highest share price, making it easy for management to select the best ideas.

Why do Idea Markets work?

Idea markets work because they are:

  • Accurate: the market mechanism is superior for evaluating competing ideas.
  • Dynamic: markets continually adapt to new information and traders are motivated to help improve ideas they invested in.
  • Fun: the competitive game element will ensure great participation.
  • Effective: more input from more people results in better ideas.

Curious? Try for yourself!

We have made it very easy for you to start your own Idea Market:

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2. Define the challenge for which you need good ideas.

3. Upload the users from whom you want the ideas.

4. Launch the idea market.

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